Impressions Fabric


DMC Impressions is a 100% cotton Aida Fabric that allows you to enhance your stitching with a beautiful pre-printed background. The DMC Impressions line has a wonderful finish and is available in 14 striking prints: pink & blue gingham, pink & blue stripes and dots, pink & blue hearts, liberty, garden trellis and antique floral.

Use any design with Impressions Aida to create your own unique and personalized design. Each pack of Impressions Aida includes a 14” x 18” piece of fabric and a free design. Made in Brazil.

The DMC Impressions printed fabrics are as easy to stitch on as the 14 count plain DMC fabrics. With Impressions printed fabrics you can stitch something different and create beautiful designs.

Pastels, Arabesques, "Liberty" printed fabrics... it's your choice !  


Click here to view the Impressions fabric colour swatches. Please note that the resolution of your computer screen can slightly distort the colour shades of the fabric.

Care & Washing

DMC Impressions Aida can be washed in 60°C, 140°F water. Dry flat. If necessary iron between two towels.

How to Use

Impressions Aida fabric has a precise square-patterned weave with visible stitching holes that makes this fabric easy to use and allows your needle to easily glide through the holes. The number or count indicates how many squares are available per inch of fabric. Each square represents a cross stitch. DMC Impressions Aida is available in 14 – count, which means there are 14 squares or cross stitches per inch. DMC recommends beginners use 14- count Aida as the holes are larger which make it easier to stitch and to count. Use Impressions fabrics to make your design stand out from the usual cross-stitch designs. Customise all your stitching and make them different thanks to 15 decorative Impressions printed fabrics.

Combine one chart with all the DMC Impression printed fabrics. Whatever the design you decide to stitch, you will have unique results. 











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